Big Talk About Talkin' Big

Read it first for the rollicking ride. Read it again for the wisdom. You've never met anyone like Tom Dittmer. This book is big and brave and authentic—the rarest qualities in the world today.

Charlotte Beers, former CEO, Ogilvy Worldwide Advertising;
former undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs

Tom Dittmer's Talkin' Big is a great story and told exceptionally well. It is a fun read about someone I knew so well and yet, it turns out, so little. I highly recommend it.

Leo Melamed, chairman emeritus, CME Group

A very personal journey into a great man's family and life, and a fascinating ride from the corn fields of Iowa to the boardrooms of business. It's all about dedication and love.

Rick Kaplan, President, Kaplan Media Partners; former president of CNN and of MSNBC;
former executive producer CBS News; winner of 47 Emmy Awards

Tom is known not only for Talkin' Big, but for living big—with a mighty laugh, a gargantuan tolerance for risk, a massive smile, a huge frame and an immense heart. He would use the moniker "Big Dog" for a chosen few of his friends, most of whom are in this book; but he is the Biggest Dog of all.

Louis Bacon, Moore Capital Management

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and everyone who knows Tom left his company trying to emulate some part of him. He is larger than life, fiercely loyal to friends, and has a heart of gold. Inspiring, poignant, and laugh-out-loud funny, Talkin' Big is a quintessential American success story.

Chris Sugrue, chairman, The Crowd

What a fabulous read—fun, naughty, fascinating, authentic, and utterly compelling. Dittmer's voice is like no other. I loved it!

Nina Griscom, author and television personality

This book isn't the half of it, hun. Call me.

Frances Schultz, Tom's wife